How to be a writer: 13 required quirks

Writers are like awkward blue herons.

I was honoured when the lovely Lucy of BlondeWriteMore invited me to write a guest post, and I thought I’d share the intelligence I’ve gathered in my time undercover as a writer. (Yes, I’m watching Burn Notice again. How did you know?)

I had a lot of fun writing this piece, and I hope you have fun reading it: How to be a writer: 13 required quirks.

Eighty-three percent of people want to be writers, but not just anyone can be.

For the past six months I have been deep undercover in the online world of writers, learning their peculiar ways in order to better mimic them and hopefully one day become one of them.

My research has led me to the conclusion that there are thirteen quirks required to be a writer. Today they will be shared for the first time.

1: You must be crazy about cats

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Author: A.S. Akkalon

By day, A.S. Akkalon works in an office where the computers outnumber the suits of armour more than two-to-one. By night, she puts dreams of medieval castles, swords, and dragons onto paper.

2 thoughts on “How to be a writer: 13 required quirks”

  1. Dead tree books!
    Dead tree books!
    Dead tree books!

    Hey, wait where is everybody else?

    I never know which place I’m supposed to leave my comment in these cases.

    “3: You must be awkward and introverted in real life”



    1. Great to see you here, Bryan! I guess we’re the only ones at this party. We’ll have to be awkward and introverted together. 🙂

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