Cosy room

This is weird. How did you get in here? I thought I locked the door.

Never mind. You’re here now, and I assume you’re not planning to steal anything.

Grab a chair. I just put the jug on so we can have a cup of tea. What do you think of the view? I always liked the idea of a tower room, so I’ve built one. You’re my first visitor.

If you look out that window you’ll see the northern lights. You’ll notice it’s night in that direction, because otherwise they’d be hard to see.

Northern lights
Out the north window…

Sometimes you can see the unicorn herd out the south window, but it seems to have wandered off right now.

Did you hear that? It sounds like His Royal Fluffiness is stuck on the wrong side of the door. Would you mind letting him in? He’ll only keep scratching the carpet if we don’t.

Cute cat

Here’s the tea. It’s apple and cinnamon, I hope you don’t mind. I love the smell.

Now help yourself to a book. I’m going to read for a while.