Why you always end up watching cat videos on YouTube

Starting from a spindle on Youtube
It starts with a spindle.

I always go to YouTube for good reasons. For example, I want to watch a person build an emergency shelter in the forest or forge a battleaxe.

Maybe I succeed. But then, inevitably, I click through to a few related videos and end up watching Russian contortionists jump motorbikes through burning hoops while juggling chainsaws. (If you find a video of this, please tell me because I really want to watch it.)

I don’t know how this happens. Maybe it’s the YouTube fairies or the wicked witch of YouTube.

But it’s not unknowable. I only don’t know because I’m not paying attention. I’ve therefore decided to map my progress through YouTube videos and see where I end up by clicking only on the suggested related videos.

Why don’t you come along for the ride?

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