Exercise according to Boris the Fitbit

To optimise recorded steps for my future exertions, I performed certain exercises and recorded how many steps Boris the Fitbit counted. Turns out Boris has trouble with numbers.

I recently acquired a personal trainer called Boris the Fitbit. Boris has shown me that I don’t pace enough while sitting at my desk, and I rarely get enough sleep.

I suspect I could have figured these out for myself.

One of Boris’ main goals is to get me to walk 10k steps every day, and he usually fails abysmally. However, casual observation suggests that he and I disagree on what constitutes a step.

The scientific side of me has decided to get serious about this and document exactly what Boris counts as a step so if I don’t game the system I can at least figure out why I’m losing so badly.

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Life lessons from a Fitbit called Boris

In an effort to exercise more, I befriended a Fitbit with a number of annoying habits. Fortunately, he’s also had a lot to teach.

I recently gained a new friend, a Fitbit Charge 2 by the name of Boris.

I was happy to make Boris’ acquaintance because over the past cough cough months my level of activity has been somewhere between low and catatonic. I thought Boris might help inspire me to get moving again.

The start of our friendship has been a little rocky, but we are slowly learning each other’s quirks, and I believe we have a bright and possibly even active future ahead of us.

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How to get fit without noticing

Get fit so you'll never be dinner for this guy.
Get fit so you’ll never be dinner for this guy.

If you want to learn how to get fit you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been fit enough to escape a charging anteater, and unfit enough to fall prey to a charging tortoise (luckily I didn’t, but I easily could have). Even more helpfully, I’ve figured out what causes the difference.

It’s mostly about how you set up your life.

Does your everyday routine motivate you to stay fit? Does it require you to stay fit?

If you just answered no to both questions, you’re probably not fit. But don’t fear! With just a few tweaks to your life, you can become the meal that got away.

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