The seven stages of getting feedback from a beta reader

When you get beta feedback on your novel, you’re likely to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Read this post to prepare.

You’ve written a novel and edited it to the best of your ability. Congratulations!

But it’s not ready to make its own way in the world yet. First you need to go through the terrifying process of getting feedback from beta readers.

These are avid readers of your genre, who may or may not also be writers, who are willing to read your not-quite-final draft and shred your heart by telling you what’s not working provide honest feedback.

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The value of fresh eyes on your draft

Recently I’ve had a lot of fresh eyes on my first chapter, and I was amazed at what my readers picked up on. Here’s why fresh eyes are so valuable.

This evening I finished the tenth draft of my WIP. It’s been a long time coming and the story still has a way to go, but it’s definite progress.

I have a story that runs from a beginning, stumbles through a middle, and finally reaches an end.* The number of characters who magically appear or vanish without a trace can now be counted on one hand, and I’m pretty sure no one who dies is suddenly walking around later on.

* Okay, this was also true of draft six (or was it seven?), but the plot works better this time.

The avian part of my world is still populated solely by owls, sparrows, and the occasional hawk, though.

What now? I hear you ask.

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