Never Run From the Overlords (700 word short story)

Never Run from the Overlords - crashed planeAlfred stood on tiptoes to peer into the barrel, and tried to ignore the chill that ran down his spine like icy ants. Even in the root cellar, under feet of earth, the Overlords watched them always.

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Chasing Cara (1900 word short story)

Chasing Cara - fantasy short storyCara emerged from the bay, water sheeting off her limbs. Her dark hair clung to her neck like seaweed. By the time she reached the strand her legs were covered in pearly skin.

Ormsy leaned forward and stared through the remote viewing sphere. It was obscene that such a vision could conceal such potential for violence. She wore only a shift, and Ormsy could see no sign of her whalebone knife, though he knew it was there, sharp as a dagger and long enough to pierce a man’s heart.

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The Emperor’s Cat (1100 word short story)

The Emperor's Cat: short story

On her one hundred and eighteenth attempt, Illenka was granted audience with His Imperial Majesty Emperor Tavian of Avance. She dressed in her finest gown, the one you could tell had once been blue, and tied the ribbons of her least tattered visiting hat under her chin.

Today was the day. Afterwards, everything would be different.

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Rain on Dragon Scales (fantasy novel in progress)

An impetuous arena fighter must mend a powerful duke’s alliance with a clan of dragons if she’s ever to return home.

Castle Wall - Rain on Dragon Scales


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