Favourite posts about writing

It turns out that in trying not to write too many blog posts about writing, I’ve written quite a few. Here are some of my favourites.

Questions to ask when designing a magic system, part 1

If you want to design a magic system for a fantasy novel, these questions might help you. Or they might not. Either way, they’re free.

Questions to ask when designing a magic system, part 2

Because everything I wanted to say didn’t fit in one post.

When good things happen to other people

Strategies to avoid looking like a gherkin when good things happen to other people (particularly your writer friends).

Why I’ve decided to pursue trade publication

I’ve decided to pursue trade (traditional) publication. Here I try to explain the madness that led to this decision.

The obligatory writer’s block post

You can start open battles in the streets of writing forums by claiming that writer’s block doesn’t exist. It’s not exactly that I’m going to do that…

How to explode with ideas for your sequel

I decided to write a sequel for my WIP, and in days I went from having no idea what it might be about to having dozens of ideas. Here’s how.

How not to use a thesaurus

Roget the thesaurus enjoys turning clear English into incomprehensible babble. Watch him mutilate a perfectly readable excerpt from my short story, The Emperor’s Cat.

Blogging really is a get-rich-quick scheme

Blogging is still a get-rich-quick scheme, assuming the riches you’re talking about aren’t money. Here are some of the things you might get out of blogging.

What’s your beta reading philosophy?

I’ve beta read a lot lately. Here’s how I beta read, and what writers I beta read for do that makes me love them or never want to talk to them again.

Reading about writing craft

I love books on writing craft and read them all the time. Here’s why.

Why I write

It’s not a competition about whose reasons for writing make them more of a real writer. What matters is how much you enjoy the writing and how much your readers enjoy the reading.

My subconscious is a somewhat slow toddler

How I generate ideas for blog posts and stories.