A confession and the true value of this blog

A confession

I have a confession to make.

Since I went back to work a month and a half ago, I’ve done very little writing.

None at all some weeks, an odd and unproductive hour other weeks.

I could make excuses, but honestly I’ve been run down to the ground, and surviving has taken priority over writing. I don’t feel bad about it.

My excessive workload isn’t over; I wish I could say my life is getting back under control, but it’s not.

Here’s where the value of this blog has really struck me.

Over the past few days I’ve started editing my book again, but if I hadn’t been writing this blog I’m not sure I would have. I might have let writing slip into one of these things that I used to do. It’s happened to me before, and last time I quit for ten years.

This time I couldn’t quit because I know there are people who believe in my ability to write and who are waiting to read my book.

I love writing, but it’s easier to not write than it is to write.

So to my wonderful online friends, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being you.

Have some honesty.

Author: A.S. Akkalon

By day, A.S. Akkalon works in an office where the computers outnumber the suits of armour more than two-to-one. By night, she puts dreams of medieval castles, swords, and dragons onto paper.

20 thoughts on “A confession and the true value of this blog”

    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement and support. I love writing and I’ll be thrilled when I’m ready to share my book, but sometimes life is really demanding. :/

  1. I know what you mean about reader friends motivating you to keep writing. I’ve been working on this same chapter for a month and a half and I might have given up if I didn’t know there are people waiting for me to finish it. Thank you for not quitting and thank you for not being ashamed of your slow progress.

  2. I get where you’re coming from. My own blog has been the only writing I’ve been keeping up with since school started up again. I keep saying once I get into the swing of school again, I’ll add a writing routine back in, but it’s about to be week six. At any rate, writing my blog posts is helping me keep up the momentum of writing for myself, so when I get back to it, I won’t feel like I’m starting from scratch again.

  3. Oh boy can I relate! That’s actually one of the reasons I decided to start a blog. I knew the encouragement and accountability would be a tiny push. It’s just enough pressure to remind me how much I want to do this.

    1. Yes! That’s the reason I first went public with my intention to publish. When it’s all in your head it’s one thing, but as soon as you tell other people…

  4. Beautiful. I’m glad you’re coming back to it in your own time, hopefully without feeling too pressured. And I absolutely agree – I have doubts that I’d still be going without lovely twitter/blog friends like you either!

  5. Cheering you on, and this post SO resonates with me. In fact I’m about to launch into writing my weekly post (enormous admiration to you for posting double time compared to me!) and I always wonder why I make such a big deal of it considering life is constantly coming up with other urgencies to throw at me. But you are so right: the value of a blog is that it keeps one writing, and keeps one accountable . . . because there are actually wondrous people out there who read it! Keep on at whatever pace you can 🙂

  6. I know this feeling when you cannot get any writing done because of school or work. I haven’t written in five weeks now, was “busy” with other stuff. The things one does, this other stuff, feel terribly undeserved, “you should be writing”, you think. One actually wants to write, but maybe not today…
    What helped me was a long weekend (4 days) off school, where some magic happened and I actually wanted to write again, *right now and then*. I’ve learned that it only takes that one moment, and then you’re suddenly writing again. Even the slowest turtle doesn’t quit. It might take a break but it’ll always reach its goal!
    I think that we all have been or will be there at one point, so you’re not alone!
    And you have got my greatest respect! For getting so far (I mean, you’ve almost done it!! 😀), for writing amazing blogs twice a week, and especially for being able to say “I’ll turn off Twitter and write”, a thing I would never be able to do!
    You are getting there and that’s what matters! Your book WILL be amazing and I cannot wait to read it, once it’s out there! =)

    1. Glad to hear your four-day weekend did the trick and gave you the spark to write. Turtles forward! I wouldn’t mind a four-day weekend myself.

      Thanks so much for the encouragement and the kind words about my blog. I have fun writing it–it’s great to hear when people enjoy reading it as well. 🙂

  7. So good that you’re editing again 🙂 And writing a blog is still writing! Even though it’s not writing on your book. You keep a writing habit and that’s good 🙂
    You’ll get back into writing for your book, I believe that. And it’ll feel wonderful!
    I’m looking forward to your book!

    1. You’re right, I shouldn’t knock blog writing. The style is different, but it’s still putting fingers on keys and creating. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  8. This is one of the reasons I continue blogging, too. It’s hard work keeping up with it, but I know it helps me as a writer and author, and having the support of fellow writers and bloggers has lifted my spirits many times and means a lot to me.

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