In which I celebrate small victories

celebrating a small victory on the beach

Pandemic times are tough, and it’s important we celebrate our small victories. Here are some of mine.

Some days are more epic than others.

Some days you might summit Mount Everest (or at least Mount Rolleston) or complete your solo sail across the Pacific Ocean.

Other days your victories are smaller.

In these pandemic times, I’ve been having a lot of the small victory type days.

But even small victories are worth celebrating, so that’s what I’m doing in this post.

Getting up

I got out of bed and navigated to the bedroom door in the dark without falling over His Royal Fluffiness or the washing basket.


I made coffee without spilling the coffee grounds or the milk in the cutlery drawer.

This sounds easy, but making coffee before you’ve had coffee can be quite a challenge.


I cooked scrambled eggs on toast for breakfast without poisoning myself and without setting the kitchen on fire.

And this is despite the fact my elements have only two temperature settings, neither of which you want to cook on.

I am incredible!


I managed to get the log fire burning in only three tries, and accidentally let it go out only twice during the day.

Look what I have created! (Sorry, since I saw that I movie I have to say this every time I light a fire.)


I threw at least a dozen pieces of firewood from the woodpile outside into the shed without braining myself or hubby, without knocking any new holes in the back of the shed, and without getting (too badly) ensnared in the blackberries.


I tweeted off and on during the day without getting blocked by anyone new (that I know of) and without starting WWIII.

Some of the conversations were fun.


I changed some words in my WIP, and I’m 85% sure I didn’t make it worse.

(Though it is 3k words longer than last time I checked, when I’d hoped it was getting shorter. But I’m sure they’re good words, so that’s okay.)


I cleaned up three separate piles of cat vomit, the third of which I located by means other than kneeling in it.

Even better, all three were on brightly coloured rugs, so you can’t see the stains.


Work work

I sent an email that captured all the useful thoughts I had lying in bed the previous night.

No one emailed back to say my ideas were rubbish.

His Royal Fluffiness

I got into a bopping contest with my cat and pulled my hand away before getting scratched every single time.

You can’t beat that.

Tell me about your recent victories, large or small. We should celebrate together.

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Author: A.S. Akkalon

By day, A.S. Akkalon works in an office where the computers outnumber the suits of armour more than two-to-one. By night, she puts dreams of medieval castles, swords, and dragons onto paper.

12 thoughts on “In which I celebrate small victories”

  1. I took a “little time” away from Twitter a while ago, and haven’t gone back. If I could just remember which things are sacrosanct to every single person on the planet, I’d be more diplomatic when I suggest those things should be horsewhipped. **sigh**
    Congratulations on getting into the editing. I’m completely jealous. My edits all seem to be taking things out, and then putting them back in, these days.

    1. There are certainly some touchy people on Twitter, but I expect people who object to the things I talk about blocked me long ago. I also have a set of words that I mute, which keeps away a lot of the nasty.

      Haha. I’m familiar with that editing stage. Do you think it might be either done or ready for someone else’s eyes?

  2. These are exactly what I needed!

    Let’s see.

    I got both of my children ready for their dance recital, which was held in our basement on zoom. Sad for them, but there was no they could have it at a theater this year.

    We got a tomato plant planted.

    I got a load of dishes done.

    I swept the living and dining room floors.

    1. Congratulations on your important victories! Especially getting your kids ready for their dance recital. These are the big little victories.

  3. Thank you for putting the whole notion of achievement in perspective. My best beloved hubby suffered (another!) wretched bicycle crash a week ago and has been laid up since — so my victories involve things like waiting outside emergency rooms without losing my mind, and fussing over him without making him feel (too) fussed over. And I have still put on mascara every day, so yay, me!

  4. At the moment I’m having *super* productive days mixed with days where I struggle to do more than watch Netflix. Focusing on the positives, the small victories, is a great idea 🙂 I made some notes on my university assignment, despite Merlin sitting on my notebooks, I’ve been writing 200 words a day, and I cleaned all the fluffy cat hair off the bedroom carpet 😆

    I hope your cat is okay after throwing up!

    1. Those are excellent victories. I need to get the cat hair off the carpet too, but right now I’m celebrating having got the vomit off. His Royal Fluffiness seems okay and he’s eating well, so I’m assuming it was just one of those things.

  5. Small victories add up. We should totally celebrate them! 😀 Really, not tripping over a cat or getting scratched by said cat a bunch of times are huge wins. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cat, and I miss it so much! But I still have a scar that hasn’t faded yet. I look upon it with fondness. I’m currently celebrating getting my house clean enough to put on the market in a week. I’m still not sure how I did it without losing my mind.

    1. Getting a house clean enough to put on the market isn’t a small victory, it’s a huge one. And doing it without losing your mind is an even bigger one. Go, you! Good luck getting a great offer.

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