One- and two-star reviews of my book

To celebrate literature, I wrote a collection of one-star and two-star reviews of my unpublished adult fantasy novel. Please enjoy.

I wrote and edited a whole book, which I’m now querying (looking for an agent to represent me to publishers).

No, it’s not out yet, and no, it doesn’t have reviews. But everyone on Twitter is writing one-star reviews of their own books, so I thought I’d join the fun.

Here’s a moodboard I made for it. You’ll have to excuse my lack of artistic talent, because, you know, dragons.

Dragons and stuff, oh my!
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How writers can distinguish themselves from AI

AI writing is spreading, but generative AI will never have your power. Do this to lean in to your humanity and distinguish yourself from AI.

Generative AI is here. If you tell ChatGPT to write a 300 word story about a hedgehog with hiccups, it will happily do so at least as well as a ten-year-old writing their first Harry Potter fan fiction.

The bad fan fiction doesn’t seem like a big problem, but give that ten-year-old time to grow up and the fear of many writers–that their beautiful stories will be replaced with soulless AI-generated tales–becomes a lot more plausible.

However, some aspects of human writing may never be replicable by AI. Each person brings their unique soul and experiences to their writing in a way AI can’t (we hope).

If you want to distinguish your writing from AI-generated writing, play up your humanity.

Not sure how? Here are some ideas.

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The solution to having to eat every day

If you resent the fact you have to prepare and eat food every single day, this might be the recipe for you. It even tastes okay.

The human body is high maintenance. We need to breathe air, drink water, not get too hot, not get too cold, not get hit by a truck, and eat food every single day.

I wouldn’t mind eating once a week for enjoyment, but every day–multiple times a day–is too much. Who has the time for this, especially once you add in food prep time?

Hubby used to tell me if I ever found a brown goo that fulfilled all my dietary requirements I would live on it.

Well, good news!

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The seven stages of getting feedback from a beta reader

When you get beta feedback on your novel, you’re likely to go through a rollercoaster of emotions. Read this post to prepare.

You’ve written a novel and edited it to the best of your ability. Congratulations!

But it’s not ready to make its own way in the world yet. First you need to go through the terrifying process of getting feedback from beta readers.

These are avid readers of your genre, who may or may not also be writers, who are willing to read your not-quite-final draft and shred your heart by telling you what’s not working provide honest feedback.

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Five ways to go overboard with worldbuilding for your fantasy novel

When you write a fantasy novel based in a non-Earth world, you get to make up everything. And with all that freedom comes the opportunity to go way overboard in your worldbuilding. If such is your wont, here are five ways you might do it.

Every fantasy reader loves a fully fleshed out world. They might see only a tiny fraction of it (they’d *better* see only a tiny fraction of it), but they can feel if it exists.

In a fully fleshed out world, the forests are greener and every carnivore knows what it’s hunting. The sky might be purple, but we have the physics to explain why. And you’ll always know which lord build the castle that saved your hero from demons, and how much it cost them.

So if your goal is to give your readers what they want, here are five ways to go overboard with your worldbuilding.

Of course, if you follow these instructions you may never get around to writing your story, but isn’t the price worth it?*

* In general, it’s not.

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